Why Your Business May Need Content Marketing

Posted on October 18, 2016 at 8:31 pm

Posted in Business Services

The rise of social media is one reason that content marketing has become more important today. In the past, you may have created a piece of content and put it on your site or in an email newsletter. Now, you have all these social channels to feed. The good news is you can take a single piece of content and make it work across multiple channels, especially social media networks. It all feeds back to your brand.

Google’s recent Panda and Penguin algorithm changes have had people talking about the need for better content marketing, too.

For instance, the Panda algorithm updates, first rolled out in February 2011, have targeted sites with “thin” or otherwise low-quality content. In Panda’s wake, those practicing questionable SEO tactics such as stuffing keywords into junky website content in hopes of ranking well discovered that Google was penalizing their content by pushing it down in rankings.