Making sure your business software is protected

Posted on October 31, 2015 at 11:03 pm

Posted in Business Systems

Recently in the news, Talk Talk have confirmed that they have been subjected to a cyber-attack. Initial reports suggested that customer data such as names, addresses, and account numbers along with card / bank details may have been accessed.

This is obviously a massive concern to all of their customers and with little control over what happens next many were contacting Talk Talk and their banks to find out what they could do.

Since the first report, it has been updated that it appears to have been their website that was hacked not the serves containing the customer information, so they are confident that little financial information has been compromised. However this does reiterate the importance of security when it comes to business systems, especially those storing sensitive data. Always ensure that all software used for your business is up to date and that you have firewalls in place that are adequate to prevent a cyber-attack.