Reputation Management Software for Big Brands

Posted on November 10, 2014 at 7:24 pm

Posted in Business Systems

Most big recognisable brands will use some form of reputation management software to keep tabs on their performance across the board. Other leading brands will have their own department to manage the reputation, and that can include:

  • Complaints Staff
  • Press Team
  • Public Relation Consultants
  • Customer Service Teams

The great thing with software is that it does part of the job for you, and it can monitor any comments on your business on social media accounts review pages, blogs and the internet in general. You can quickly identify possible harmful comments and resolve them quickly, which in turn may improve your reputation and keep your business ‘in good light’.

The fact that most big retailers invest a serious amount into reputation management software or staff just shows how important it can actually be. Whether you have a large or small business you need to make sure you’re taking it into account.