Basics to help you Improve your Website’s Efficiency

Posted on November 18, 2014 at 2:34 pm

Posted in Business Services

As a webmaster, it is very important to take time and familiarize yourself with all the key elements which help make your website work efficiently. To start you off, there are several codes and programs which are compatible with each other and are used interchangeably to make your web platform look appealing and highly effective to your target traffic.

At the moment, web developers depend on several programming languages. For instance, for website’s front end, different coding and programming languages are used. The back end is what makes it work. It is interesting to note that during web design website developers tend to focus most on a few programming languages. This however is not very common since for the front end, the languages used are very common in the web development industry. Examples of the website programming languages used include the: HTML, Javascript and CSS. It is equally interesting to note that most websites are developed using front end programming languages. 

Using the above mentioned programming languages, web developers are able to use front end programming languages to create websites. The front end code that is used is what serves to validate the entire website’s structure, its layout, design and even navigation. What happens is, the code being used makes reference to a set of images sent to a parent folder consequently arranging them to finally make the website appear fit as if it is one. This is basically how any standard website is usually developed.

For slightly more complex and additional functionality, web developers employ back end web programming. This approach not only serves as a guarantee for more control over the website but also helps make its detailed components work best. Take note, back end programming languages are very different from front end. The only thing linking the two is the fact that during website programming, developers collaborate the two to increase the functionality and design of the finally web platform. Back end languages commonly preferred by web developers for use include: PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, .Net and the JSP. These have so far so good proven to be ideal for creating dynamic websites something which the new generation of internet users is really on the lookout for while browsing.

Websites created using back end programming languages are linked to databases which help them with keeping information as well as streamlining the inclusion of any new updates. They can also be updated using content management systems since they are equally designed to keep records of images, statistic, texts, members and several other elements relevant to web development. According to webmasters, the database is able to show and even cross reference all / any data that is stored in it as a result it serves as a very important tool/element in the overall design of the website.

Keep in mind, at the moment there are few pre built Content management systems. Good news is they are easily available and free for download at will. More complicated systems however are available by subscription. In addition to all of the above, content management systems are equally applicable where the web design processed is majorly focused on the creation/ redesigning or customizing of several software.